He makes the whole body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love.

Ephesians 4:16

Make 2024 Magical!

A new year is always a great time for reflection and planning, here are a few strategies I run with as a new year begins to give me direction.


White Space

Fitness, Food, Faith

I do have one big vision board for my life, I may add to it here and there but for the most part I keep it at the forefront to help me build my focus year after year.

In addition to that I draw a vision board for the year, what from my big board will be my main focus In the current year.

One of my most important priorities I keep in my schedule Is white space. I have discovered I do not function my very best with a jammed packed schedule and keeping white space in my schedule not only keeps me healthy, it makes me my best for the people and tasks in my life.

These three remain my overarching priorities as I steward all the responsibilities God has blessed me with In life. When these track In a positive direction, It enables me to show up as my best self. As the new year begins I like to evaluate what those look like and adjust what I need to make sure they are tracking positive. Establishing a program, meal planning, and choosing bible studies.


If resistance training is not a part of your plan, now is the time to put it Into the plan!

Best Go-To Strength Training Exercises:

  • Squats (all variations)
  • Push-Ups
  • Row Variations
  • Romanian Deadlifts
  • Lunges
  • Overhead Press
  • Bench Press

Protein, Protein, Protein!

I’ll be the first to tell you every macronutrient is vital to longevity and health living, your protein Intake impacts your health greatly.

Some of my favorite ways to pack big protein In my meals and snacks:

Overnight Oats:

1/2 cup oats

1 serving protein powder (whey or plant-based, plant-based will make It thick)

1/2 serving of greek yogurt

1/2 c milk

Mix-in: berries, peanut butter, granola

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding:

1 serving greek yogurt

1 serving protein powder

Topped with berries & a drizzle of honey

With a side of 2 eggs and veggies.

Quick Tuna Salad:

1 can Tuna

Cut up celery & apple

Mix In mustard & avocado

No Cow Protein Bars

Chocolate Chip


What is your mission for 2024?

God at the Center

On Mission in 2024: Delight in obedience.

Fun fact, the Hebrew words that translate to “delight” mean to be soft, pliable, bending towards something.

I’m not big on choosing a word for the year but as we Inched closer and closer to 2024 “delight” and “obedience” were themes that repeatedly presented themselves In messages I heard. When God brings the same message sevearl times from different sources that Is my cue to listen. This year my mission is to delight In obedience, or be shaped by my obedience to the Lord.


At Home Personal Training

Get strong from the comfort of your own home. No equipment needed, let me bring it to you as we work on your goals and help you feel your best.

Virtual F3 1:1 Coaching

Together we will navigate a program that will help you grow in each area of fitness, food, and faith. Individualized nutrition, workouts, and weekly faith-based health focus.

Social Media

Social media is a great space to learn, find tips, motivation, inspiration, and gain momentum, but I want to encourage you to be careful of who and what advice you follow. You can find me, @fittlivin, on IG & Facebook!

Rosi Reeves, CSCS

Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach

The concept of FITT has stuck with me since learning about programming in college, a guiding principle we can use as we embark upon transformation.

Living a life of abundant health has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Becoming a personal trainer and nutrition coach gives me knowledge and understanding to share with those I coach and, as a daughter of a righteous King, our Heavenly Father gives me the platforms on which to share how I've connected my fitness and food to the growth and understanding of my faith, giving it an even bigger purpose than I ever imagined...and I want to share that with YOU!



How often will you perform this health exercise/habit?


What is the mental, physical, and emotional intensity of your exercise/habit?


How much time are you willing to give your exercise/ habit?


Which pillar of wellness is this Exercise/habit lifting?

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